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Prime Ape Lifting Hooks: Lift Heavier, Train Harder

Introducing Prime Lifting Hooks: Enhance your lifting performance with our high-quality lifting hooks. Designed to alleviate grip fatigue, these hooks allow you to focus on your form and strength, pushing your limits with ease.

(Comes in a pair) 

: Heavy-duty steel hooks with a non-slip coating

Comfort: Neoprene wrist padding for added comfort

Durability: Reinforced stitching for lasting durability

Support: Secure hook design for superior grip and stability

Boost your lifting game with a pair of Prime Lifting Hooks.

Maximize Your Lifting Potential with our Lifting Hooks

✔ Heavy-duty steel hooks

✔ Non-slip coating

✔ Reinforced stitching

✔ Adjustable wrist straps with neoprene padding


Reduce Grip Fatigue

Provides a secure grip, reducing hand and grip fatigue, allowing you to lift heavier weights.

Increased Reps and Weight

Allows you to perform more reps and lift more weight, targeting your muscles more effectively.

Improved Performance

Helps in increased mind-to-muscle connection, allowing better muscle isolation.

Ships Next Day

All orders are dispatched within 24 hours from our warehouse in Perth.

Superior Quality

Crafted with superior quality, Prime Ape Lifting Hooks ensure durability and reliability, giving you the confidence to push your limits in every workout.

Lift Heavier or your Money Back

That's right, if you don't lift heavier in 30 days you can return them for a full refund.